What is a Cougar Woman?A Woman with Wisdom!

cougar women datingWhat is a cougar? A woman wishing to live vicariously through younger men? A woman that wears animal print clothing wherever she goes? A mountain lion to be feared? If you’re a cougar, you know that none of the above is even remotely true. You know that a cougar is a woman that with wisdom that knows how to get the most out of relationships.

When you spend the day at the spa, be sure not to listen to your gal pals that tell you that it’s time to grow up and stop dating younger men. They’re stuck in the conventional thought that everyone should date someone within 18 months of their own age. Why 18 months? No one really knows, but it’s what everyone thinks, except the truly wise women. Instead of arguing with your girlfriends about how wrong they are and how right you are, accept that for whatever reason, they will never be as wise as you. Take it as an indication of how unique you truly are and how great your intelligence really is.

Let your experiences as a cougar speak for themselves. When you get a pedicure with your best bud and she’s complaining about how her date fell asleep during the movie for the fourth time in a row, try to contain your smiles and giggles, offer your support and mention how you had an exciting, adventurous date last weekend with your younger man. It won’t take long for your friends to see how wise you are. Soon enough, they’ll quit their negative talk and might even go out on the prowl for younger men of their own! Try not to say, “I told you so!” too much as they follow in your footsteps. Just rest assured that you, a cougar, are a woman with wisdom!


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