What an Older Woman and Younger Man have in Common

As an older woman with a younger man, you may stop and wonder sometimes what you and your man have in common. You can’t talk about childhood television shows, unless you want to hear about the few reruns that he saw. You can’t mention who your favorite president was 30 years ago and expect him to have anything to add to the conversation. So, what’s the point?
Great minds think alike.older women dating younger men
You and your man are obviously dating for a reason. Unless you happen to be courting a young physician or lucky stock broker, you’re probably not in the relationship for the money. However, you get to see many things eye-to-eye with your partner, such as having a good time and remaining career-focused. Younger men don’t have the same pressures as older men to settle down tomorrow and have children the day after tomorrow, so you can enjoy your relationship stress-free.
Happiness loves company.
The old saying goes that misery loves company, but an older woman and younger man whom are dating know that happiness also loved company. In fact, happiness loves company even more than misery. Both you and your partner know how much joy can be had in life if you harness your energy and vitality.
You have a baggage-free zone.
You know that older men have baggage from past relationships. They have child support, alimony and evil exes to contend with. Younger men know that younger women want more than to be pampered; they want to be taken care of, both emotionally and financially. Younger men are tired of catering to needy women and are attracted to you because you’re a strong, confident woman who knows what she wants. Both of you have created a baggage-free zone by being a couple consisting of an older couple and younger man.