Why do older women like younger men? Reality of cougar dating


Seeing older women dating younger men often raises an eyebrow. A lot of people are concerned about the scenario and end up saying a lot of unwanted and uncalled for things. But despite that, recent studies have shown that 30% of all women between the ages of 40-45 tend to date men who are far younger than them.

older women dating younger menSo what is the reason behind this phenomenon which has taken off recently? Most people tend to put this under the sleazy and inappropriate connotation of things. However, that is far from true since the first, and foremost reason why this is occurring is because women love feeling the sense of adventure which exudes from such youth.


So what are the reason for all these ‘cougars’ on the prowl and all these older women dating sites popping up simultaneously? It is needless to say that the mentality is a huge factor when it comes to making such decisions. So the obvious question you are probably asking yourself is what the mentality behind this dating phenomenon is.

  • The modern woman tends to have a tonne of responsibilities on their shoulders. As such, they cannot fully experience their youth. Thus, in their middle age, they find the freedom and time to be able to experience everything that they wanted to back in the day. The smell of excitement and adventure is attractive to all ages.
  • It may also happen that a certain woman has grown tired of being with the same man for continued periods of time. The spark in the relationship might have been lost over time which is why she seeks the electricity that can be found in someone far younger. A lot of women crave for this, and it is not a new thing at all.
  • Another valid reason why this phenomenon has taken off is because of the fact that a lot of women concentrate more on their careers earlier on in their lives and thus stay unmarried throughout their youth. After a while, though, they feel the need for a man in their lives and thus begin their phase of cougar dating.
  • Last but not the least, a lot of women have become very choosy over whom they want to pick as their husband. The trend for older women dating younger men has taken off because of their reluctance to be too hasty about their decision. Most of the times, it results in them waiting until their middle ages for marrying the men of their choice.

Does It Work?

So does this work out in the long run? Do those endless hours on a single older women dating site amount to anything in general? Like everything related to relationships, there cannot be a fixed answer for this. A lot depends on the individuals and their capacity to adjust to each other’s shortcomings and needs.

The spontaneity of the man is what attracts the woman in the first place while it is the maturity of the latter which is enticing for the male counterpart. As such, lifestyles tend to be different, and a lot of things need to be adjusted. But it as they say where there is a will, there is a way.


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